75 years ago, Britain celebrated the end of the Second World War, and recognised the efforts of volunteers in the country’s success.

Now seven and a half decades on, the county is facing a different kind of war. A global pandemic – the fight against Covid-19. Once again, volunteers are making an incredible difference and for that we thank you – to our 2020 war heroes, we salute you!

Did you get chance to do our quick quiz to test your World War Two and VE day history knowledge? Answers are in bold below:

Quiz Questions
What does VE Day stand for?

 Victory in Europe
What date did Germany actually surrender?

6 May    B) 7 May   C) 8 May
In what year did The United Kingdom and France declare war on Germany?  

A)1937   B) 1939   C) 1945 
Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain at the time of VE Day?

 Winston Churchill
How long did it take for Germany to defeat France after invading on 10th May 1940?

6 days           B) 6 weeks    C) 6 months     
Which of these domesticated animals did the government take off some people to help the war effort?

A) Pet dogs   B) Pet pigeons  C) Pet cats  
Why would some women put gravy on their legs during the war?

To look like they were wearing tights (widespread shortage of tights)  
What year did food rationing finally end in Britain after the war?

A) 1950        B) 1954      C) 1958  
Who was on the throne and led the celebrations for VE Day?

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I (the Queen Mother)  
Which royal snuck out with her sister to enjoy the VE celebrations in London?  

Queen Elizabeth II (our current Queen) and her sister, Princess Margaret

Competition Time

With many celebrations curtailed or transformed into online gatherings or socially distanced activities in participant’s own homes and garden, we are inviting people to share photos of their VE Day celebrations. Share your celebrations we us and the virtual world of social media on Facebook, to be in with a chance of winning a £25 Booths Gift voucher. Whether you have creatively styled your own bunting or intend to jive like it’s 1945, we would love to see your photos. Join us over on Facebook!