As a partnership of public services that support volunteering, we take safeguarding extremely seriously. Whether you volunteer for Lancashire Volunteer Partnership or are someone who has come into contact with one of our volunteers, we want to hear if something has been a negative experience or if you want to report something that may causes concern.

There are a number of ways in which your voice can be heard so that we can keep people safe and ensure our quality of service remains high.

With is in mind we have instilled ‘CHAMPIONS’ values into the work we do and resonates across of volunteers, clients, employees and partnerships.



Believing more can be achieved by collaborating well with others.

Be accountable and recognise the value in collaborating with others, whether that’s within a team, across the organisation, with partners, volunteers and clients.



Always be honest and transparent.

Make honesty your number one trait. You will earn respect and have trust from others. Being open and fair strengthens our brand identity and improves relationships with others.



With desire and determination, ambition creates a road map for success.

Having ambition gives us aims, objectives and targets. Collectively these elements allow for a sense of direction and motivation, both independently and as a team.



Our mission is at the heart of everything we do and believe in.

By exercising our mission, it synthesizes and distills our overarching strategy – providing one gateway into public service volunteering.



A positive and ‘forward thinking’ attitude; encouraging others to achieve.

Focusing on what ‘I can do now and moving forward’ with volunteers and colleagues. Identifying options, alternatives, solutions and goals.



Being open to new ideas; not afraid of failure.

Be open to new ideas and not constrained by the way things have been done in the past. Being prepared to try new things and learning (life lessons) from experiences.



We always look for and take on new opportunities.

In leadership, and both as an organisation and as individuals, whether that’s self-development or embracing the good from a situation that arises.



Always nurture to allow room for growth.

If we take pride in nurturing all of our touch points, we will continue to develop. With growth, comes strength, and with strength we can achieve more together.



Relish in our experiences of working together.

Inducing spirit and into everything we do, to boost morale and give confidence in how we work and engage within our relationships.



As CHAMPIONS, we are Leaders, we are Versatile and we are Passionate…
Together we are LVP!