Our working partnerships help us to be the best that we can be here at Lancashire Volunteer Partnership. With their support and guidance, our service offerings are constantly evolving, which allows us to improve the services we deliver across the county.

Together we have an invested interest in wanting to create happier and healthier neighbourhoods and communities, in many different ways with our specialist and continued training. This can be done by supporting a vulnerable person with a befriender, providing essential volunteers on Lancashire’s road to make them a safer place to be, or to support conflict between neighbours or families benefiting from mediation and guiding them onto a better pathway.

Our services don’t just stop there, so for more information visit our Opportunities.

Helping to support each other...

Our affiliate partnerships create an opportunity for us to connect with the wider communities and neighbours within Lancashire. Together we can help each other to reach out to those that we may not always have the connections to do so.

Together, we can bring our expertise and services to help change people lives and how we make a valued contribution within our local communities.


We are proud to have worked closely with the NHS through the Covid-19 pandemic, to have successfully executed a historic vaccination programme, allowing the people of Lancashire and South Cumbria to regain back their lives and independence once again.