The Covid-19 Volunteer Marshal recruitment drive remains paused for now. Over 1000 volunteers are ready to help support NHS vaccination centres across Lancashire and South Cumbria, with more volunteer applications being processed and/or undergoing their e-learning training.

The two latest mass vaccination centres to come on board with time slots for our volunteers are Blackburn Cathedral and Blackpool Winter Gardens.  

As there is so much going on with new centres opening, and to answer ongoing queries from our keen volunteers, we are sending out regular updates to our Covid-19 Marshal volunteers and are regularly updating our frequently asked questions (FAQ) webpage. 

Volunteering for this opportunity to support the NHS vaccination programme has been very popular. Time slots are released and published as and when we are notified by the NHS, and these fill up very quickly. We are currently filling almost 100% of time slots available, which is fantastic!

LVP’s Covid-19 Marshal volunteers are making a difference in their communities, helping our hardworking NHS colleagues and supporting the county’s vaccine programme. We regularly get lovely feedback and thanks to pass on to our volunteers (such as the one below from a GP surgery in the Wyre area).

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers!

Envelope with feedback from a GP surgery in Wyre saying, "Could you please pass on our extreme gratitude to all
the  volunteers who worked tirelessly to support our 
COVID Vaccination clinics over the last two weekends?
They are an invaluable commodity that receive very little recognition.
Many thanks also to the team at Lancashire Volunteer Partnership, for arranging the cover."