1. Our volunteers have donated nearly 7,500 hours of their time from January 2022 to date.
  2. We have supported over 300 people with a volunteer across Lancashire this year.
  3. We have over 200 active volunteer roles.
  4. There are 81 years between our youngest and eldest volunteer, our youngest being 11 and our oldest being 92.
  5. One of our volunteers, currently volunteers for 3 different roles, including a Police Cadet Leader, Telephone Befriender supporting 7 people, and is currently training to be a Special Constable.
  6. To date we have had over 3,500 vulnerable people across Lancashire referred to our services.
  7. To date, we have supported over 8,000 volunteers.
  8. We support 64 libraries and 6 museums.
  9. Our LVP staff team has over 107 years of experience collectively.
  10. We reached over 140,000 people on social media this year!