Everyone feels lonely sometimes. A survey conducted by the charity Campaign to End Loneliness found that over nine million people in the UK say they are always or often lonely. That’s a fifth of the population. Two thirds of the population said they wouldn’t feel comfortable admitting it if they were.

At this time when people can perhaps feel more isolated that usual, it could be that you are missing your usual chat you have at the shops or the hairdressers/barbers. Perhaps you are missing your Monday morning catch up with colleagues, many interactions both big and small are being missed by so many.

Mental Health Awareness Week this year focuses on #KindnessMatters, this may be being a bit kinder to yourself or doing something for another person, this could be popping the kettle on for a brew or sending a message or picking up the phone. Over the last 6 weeks we have heard of the positive impact our volunteers have had for people by being in contact with ‘phone calls, whether it is a listening ear or a distraction and something else to thing about. Here at LVP we have many willing volunteers ready to make regular telephone calls to ease the isolation felt by so many at this time. Whatever your circumstances, if you’re feeling cut off, know that you’re not alone, complete this short form by clicking here and we will be in contact to match you with a volunteer.

Throughout the week we will be sharing snippets to share in the differences acts of kindness make and some ideas to boost well-being, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to find out more.