On the 21st February 2021, former police volunteer Margaret Mills MBE will be 100 years old which is an amazing achievement and testament to the amazing character that she is. 

In the last month she has also survived COVID and continues to demonstrate a strength of character which is inspirational .

Mrs Margaret Mills MBE was a former PCV from 2004 to 2016, when at the grand old age of 95 years she reluctantly hung up her ‘volunteer woolly hat’.  In that time Margaret provided over 3000 voluntary hours in support of the organisation, and was fictitiously arrested over 100 times.  Her commitment was second to none and included role play for new student officers, being handcuffed and escorted into the back of a police van, acting as a rioter during public order training and even standing her ground against a police horse at Pontins, Blackpool, which left a very uncertain officer!

In recognition of her dedication and hard work, Margaret was nominated and awarded the MBE for her outstanding voluntary contributions to the Force and other charity work that she has done.  She has also raised £1000’s in her life doing various Santa dashes (pushed around in her sleigh), sponsored walks, and did a tandem skydive at JUST 84 years, to help raise monies for the, ‘less privileged youths of Ingol’.  Her efforts to this day still continue to generate additional funding because she paid for a bouncy castle to be used by INTAG at community events. 

Happy 100th Birthday Margaret!