Befrienders offer valuable companionship and support in local communities. Each opportunity is unique to the volunteer and the client. Our volunteer application process considers each applicant and takes time to match them to someone with similar interests. Age is no barrier! One of our matched volunteers and clients have a combined age of over 160! Equally a mix of ages works well for other individuals. The opportunities within this role are endless! It may be meeting once a week/fortnight for a brew and a chat, or heading out to a local cafe or group. Some of our volunteers play Scrabble, share  photos or take a trip down memory lane!  As part of the process you get to meet and chat with your Volunteer Officer to explore interests and availability. You can take a look at what opportunities are closest to you by clicking here and putting your postcode or town in the box on the left hand side.

We are excited to have launched our Children and Families Befriending Community Support roles this year. Each volunteering role is matched to the needs of the family, it may be helping a new parent access baby groups or supporting a parent with children, where one child has anxiety and finds playing board games calming we would be looking for someone to spend time playing games. There is such a wide range of options we would love to hear from you if you would like to find out more, please use the contact us link by clicking here and let us know which area you live in and your local Volunteer Officer will be in contact.