Two teenage boys have received a commendation from Lancashire Constabulary for providing assistance to an 82-year-old lady who was involved in a road traffic collision.

16-year-old Matthew Blizzard and Alex Stuart, who are both volunteer police cadets and studying public services, were on Clifton Drive in St Annes on Sunday 15 September when the lady was involved in a collision with a car, suffering serious injuries. 

The two boys went running over to see if they could help with Alex immediately diverting traffic away from the scene. Matthew cared for the lady by supporting her head and holding her hand, providing reassurance whilst they waited for the ambulance and police to attend.

Insp Rob Conolly-Perch said: “Matthew and Alex played a vital role in supporting the lady, who suffered significant injuries. Their actions were admirable and they should be an inspiration to other young people. They are true heroes.”

Helen Wynne, daughter of injured lady, added: “We are so very grateful to the police cadets for their timely and caring actions. Had they not been there the outcome could have been so much worse.

“Their prompt intervention in stopping the traffic and getting her the medical attention she needed quite probably saved her life. They are a credit to the police force.”

They both received a certificate from Insp Rob Conolly-Perch at their cadet attestation on Monday 2 December.

An investigation into the road traffic collision is ongoing. A 43-year-old man was arrested in relation to the collision and has been released pending further enquiries.