Find out about our volunteers

We couldn’t provide the level of support that we do to people in our communities without the enthusiasm and dedication of our volunteers — many of whom are juggling studying, family, work and other commitments outside of their volunteering — and we are truly grateful for the time they give to help others.

Below are just some of our volunteers’ stories, the reasons they volunteer and how it has made a difference to their own lives.

Louise – Community Support Befriending Volunteer

Louise first started employment with Lancashire Constabulary in 2009, and became a Police Cadet Coordinator in 2016. However, when the pandemic hit a few years later in April 2020, many Cadet activities were placed on hold for the foreseeable future.

With more time on her hands and eager to help reduce the rising levels of loneliness and isolation, Louise was matched with a lady who was looking to make a meaningful social connection. Conducting weekly telephone conversations throughout the pandemic, the pair developed a strong relationship which continues to this day.

Despite Louise’s intention to finish befriending once the pandemic was over, she had decided to continue calling this lady each week and has started befriending another individual too.

Hear from Louise

“I absolutely love being a volunteer befriender and I feel that I have helped the two clients enormously, but it has also helped me through some tough times too. I feel a huge sense of achievement knowing that I am helping make a difference spending a small amount of time each week making a couple of phone calls.

I think everyone should undertake some volunteering and give something back to the community.”

Roy – Gardening Support Volunteer

Roy is one of our gardening support volunteers at an older people’s day centre in Lancashire.

As a keen gardener and expert in all things planting and pruning, he makes an incredible difference by helping to maintain the centre’s gardens, brightening up the resident’s outdoor environment by planting colourful flowers and vegetation, as well as spreading his positive energy and outlook on weekly basis!

When he retired from full-time work, Roy decided that he wanted to give something back. So when he saw a volunteer role advertised at the older people’s day centre he passed regularly, he decided to apply.

Hear from Roy

“The most rewarding thing since I started volunteering is the instant changes and that you can changes things – over a few weeks things will bloom, change and grow and you can put your own stamp on it.

I would recommend volunteering to anybody that has a particular discipline that they want to use and share with other people and it gives you a sense of fulfilment in knowing that your achieving things from talking to different people like the clients and the staff. It’s a really nice positive feeling around the place.”

John – Community Road Watch Volunteer

John has been involved with numerous volunteer roles throughout the last forty years and has been with Lancashire Volunteer Partnership since day one! In 2011, he applied to become a Community Road Watch volunteer following issues with speeding vehicles in his local village. From this point on, John was eager to help make local communities across Lancashire safer for everyone.

As a Community Road Watch volunteer, John finds it incredibly rewarding to see the direct impact he can make on improving road safety across the county by discouraging dangerous driving, educating road users, and supporting neighbourhood Policing teams.

After contributing many years as a volunteer, John recommends that more people should consider applying for a role within Lancashire Constabulary through Lancashire Volunteer Partnership.

Hear from John

“The feedback I have had from residents, wherever we have been volunteering, is that they appreciate the practical support that we provide.

They are all highly dedicated professionals and totally committed to working with volunteers. The respect and thanks you get is genuinely appreciated. It inspires you to come back for more! You go home afterwards knowing that you have achieved something worthwhile.”

Ian – Digital Champion Volunteer

When Ian retired in 2019, he wanted to use his spare time to share his IT knowledge with others in his local community. Having worked within the IT sector for over 40 years, Ian had the knowledge and skills to educate others who needed basic computer training and support. So, when he saw a vacancy for a Digital Champion volunteer in his local library, he decided to apply.

Ian enjoys the variety of the Digital Champion role and the opportunity to support older members of his local community; from helping someone redeem an online shopping voucher, to teaching them how to search the internet, or navigate an automated telephone system.

Hear from Ian

“Teaching the courses is great, as it gives people the skills to use basic computer equipment. However, there is also the personal side of being able to help people out. It is definitely rewarding.

We see a lot of the same people coming back each week, so you tend to see many of the same faces over time. It’s great being able to meet different people, to develop a relationship with them, and get to know them as friends, not just someone who came along to learn about computers.

I would recommend volunteering to other people, and the role as Digital Champion in particular.”

Kerry-Louise – Restorative Justice Volunteer


Kerry-Louise is extremely passionate about helping others, and from being a young girl she always wanted to work in the Police, tackling crime. Then in 2019, she trained to become a Restorative Justice and Mediation Volunteer with Lancashire Constabulary.

Already working within a communications role, she had a very good skillset that she could translate to volunteering. That was just the start of her journey with LVP.

Being amazed by the work and values that LVP and Lancashire Constabulary have, Kerry-Louise took the opportunity to become a permanent member of the PR & Marketing team, when the opportunity arose. From supporting youths onto a better pathway, dispersing ongoing neighbouring disputes, aiding imprisoned burglary offenders wanting to seek reconciliation as a volunteer, to press releases and events, it’s all in a day’s work for Kerry-Louise!

Hear from Kerry-Louise

“It’s so rewarding to see that you’re making a difference to people’s lives.”